Month: January 2012

The Officer’s Wife…An Extraordinary Film

Piotr Uzarowicz’s film about the Katyn massacre is more than a documentary – it is a powerful, heart-wrenching account of a young man’s search for the truth about what happened to his grandfather – a polish army officer – during WW2. Following his father’s death, Uzarowicz discovers a manuscript written by his grandmother which sets him on a journey of discovery leading to the massacre of 20,000 polish officers at the hands of the Soviets in 1940. Artfully blending personal testimony with powerful visual images and riveting narrative, The Officer’s Wife tells the story of a family torn apart by one of history’s most heinous war crimes. It is an unforgettable experience and very highly recommended.

Polish 1st Armored Division in WW2

On May 6, 1945, two days before the end of World War Two in Europe, the German commander of the Kreigsmarine base at Wilhelmshaven, Germany surrendered ten infantry divisions and more than two hundred German warships to the officer commanding the Allied forces that had captured the city. The officer was General Stanislaw Maczek, and the Allied division he commanded was the Polish 1st Armored Division. This incredible fighting force landed in Normandy in the summer of 1944 and fought through France, Belgium and Holland on their way to Germany, liberating hundreds of towns and tens of thousands of civilians along the way. Their story, in four parts, can be found by clicking on the “Articles” section and scrolling down to Articles 23-26.