The Warsaw Rising Parts 2-4

Warsaw Rising Parts 2-4

To put down the Rising, the German High Command brought in thousands of reinforcements, including the notorious penal brigade led by the war criminal, Oskar Dirlewanger. Described by historian, Martin Windrow as a “terrible rabble of cut-throats, renegades, and sadistic morons,” Dirlewanger’s brigade launched a savage house-to-house rampage in the Wola District, murdering and raping more than ten thousand civilians in a single day.

“Warsaw must completely disappear from the surface of the earth. No stone can remain standing and every building must be razed to its foundation.”
– SS Chief Heinrich Himmler, 17th October, 1944

Read about the “Wola massacre”, the surprise attack by the famous Minerki brigade of women commandos, the escape through the sewers, and much more in parts 2-4 of The Warsaw Rising. Click on “Articles” and scroll down to Article 3334 & 35.

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